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LT extension not working on a particular website

Hello there,
LT is “OFF” when accessing the following website:


I also saved the website and checked for “spellcheck=“false”” - there is nothing in it…
Any hint would be appreciated

Unfortunately, there are technical issues on that websites which haven’t been fixed yet. So to avoid text getting lost or getting messed up, we decided to turn off the add-on instead.

What kind of issues? I would like to inform the organization that manages the website.

No, I mean the add-on isn’t compatible with the website. We’d have to fix that, but isn’t one of the top-priority websites.

Okay, thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to the fix :slight_smile:

Actually, writing Emails in Clubdesk was the main reason to purchase an LT license…
How to make it a priority?

Sorry, I cannot make any promises about that. You can contact our support and ask for a refund, though.

Thanks, I appreciate that offer. However, no refund needed since I am a big fan anyway.
Using LT now also in Thunderbird :ok_hand: