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LT for property files?

I’m trying to use LT for checking property files. They contain placeholders. For example:

The last modified value is currently “{LAST_MODIFIED}”
The specified name for the object type “{Name}” is invalid.

How can I tell LT to ignore checking of strings within curly braces?

You could at least remove them from spell checker with an extra disambiguator rule. Is it only spell checking you want to ignore these in?

Actually I would like to remove them from any checks. Any idea how to?

You can ‘immunize’ the tokens:

Do you mean something like this:

<token regexp=“yes”>\{.+\}</token>
<disambig action=“immunize”/>

It doesn’t seem to work:

1.) Line 7, column 31, Rule ID: MORFOLOGIK_RULE_EN_US
Message: Possible spelling mistake found
Unrecognized activity type: “{activityType}”

I guess best would be:

<token spacebefore="no" />
<token spacebefore="no">}</token>

I suspect the tokenizer will see the brackets as separate tokens. You can leave the 'spacebeore=“no” out, but this is a bit more precise.

That worked! Thank you.