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LT in french not working proprerly today


seems like LT in french is not working properly today. when I check it says “aucune erreur trouvée” even if I write obvious errors.

Errors that are obvious to you may not be obvious to LT. At least LT works for me with the example text: “Copiez votre texte ici ou vérifiez cet exemple contenant plusieurs erreur que LanguageTool doit doit pouvoir detecter.”

thanks for your reply.

the problem is that, with the same text, one time it finds the errors, the other time not…and if I add random letters in a word then check it still finds no errors.

but other times it works normal, finding the errors…

I cannot reproduce the problem and I cannot find anything suspicious in the logs. Which browser are you using? If it happens again, could you send me the text and the exact time when it happened?

I’m using Firefox. I think it happened when I checked a text twice, the first time was ok, but then, even without change in the text it did not find the errors it had found in the first time.
but if it happens again I’ll post the text concerned just after.

for exemple, with this text :
Quatre d’entre eux - David O.Selznick (1902-1965), Lew Wasserman (1913-2002), Gérard Lebovici (1932-1984), Daniel Toscan du Plantier (1941- 2003) : deux américains et deux français, aux destins fascinants, retiennent l’attention au point aque l’on veuille enquêter sur eux. Figures hors normes qui éclairent un métier que je croyais déjà connaître à fond aet de l’intérieur !

first time it higlighted the names. this time “aucune erreur détectée”.

I wonder if it’s not because I added some comments on the page from which is this text (on the LibreOffice file). looks like when it’s taken from a page with comments added LT is not finding the errors anymore…

This might be caused by some invisible characters like soft-hyphens. If you could send me the LibreOffice document (maybe shortened to that paragraph) I could try to reproduce it.

yes. to which email address do I send it?

Please send it to naber …at…

I just sent it. thank you!

This should be fixed now on It was indeed caused by the (often invisible) special characters that you get when you copy text with comments from LibreOffice.

yes it looks like it’s working now.

thanks a lot! I really appreciate. thank you.