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Mac Firefox LanguageTool plugin displays strange text

Hello, I’m not sure what happens but on about half the websites I visit, this plugin seems to break the text or cause it to display strange characters.

I can copy the characters and paste them into a text editor and the text becomes readable in English.

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 12.21.34 PM

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By “this plugin”, you mean the OxyNinja plugin? Or the LT add-on? Does it help if you turn off OxyNinja?

Sorry, pasted the wrong screenshot. Removed.

This is how appears.

What other add-ons do you use? Does the problem disappear once you turn off the LanguageTool add-on?

The problem disappears when LT is turned off. Other extensions below:

I’ve tried disabling all.

Was it problem of Web Fonts?