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Need more infor on setup, installation, process etc

I just posted asking about a rule tester. I have since found the following info. Any elaboration on it that would permit me to make use of them or the method would be appreciated.

Testing suggestions

Run tests on your grammar rules. There are three ways:

In Eclipse, by using Junit tests targets
On the command-line (without Eclipse): simply run testrules.bat (in Windows) or
Using ant (see build.xml for junit test targets).

For beginners, we recommend method. It tests rules against examples and checks if they’re valid XML. During development of rules, you’ll find how many times there are stupid mistakes you wouldn’t see without tests. So please, test them and test them again. If you want to run the tests only for your language, simply give a two-letter code of your language as the command-line parameter, and tests for other languages will be skipped:

$ ru

The above command runs only tests for Russian.

Will your tool be written in Java? Then the best way is to call LT directly, as described on under “Embedding LanguageTool in Java applications”. langTool.activateDefaultPatternRules() will load the rule file, so if you make sure the rule file only contains the rule to be tested, only that will be used.