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I am trying to create a rule (for Icelandic) that looks for the word “Breskur” in a sentence, excluding it if it’s at the start of a sentence. But my rule is detecting the word Breskur both in “Breskur maður…” and “Maður er Breskur…”

      <token postag="SENT_START" negate_pos="yes">Breskur</token>

The Icelandic language has not been tagged for the Language Tool, but should postag=“SENT_START” not work?

I know it’s not necessarily logical, but the sentence start tag is its own token (unlike the sentence end tag). So

<token postag="SENT_START" negate_pos="yes"/>

should work (not tested). You can use to see LT’s internal analysis.

Thanks a lot. This works!