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New check for length of 'short' vs. 'message'

We now have a new test in the unit tests that checks that the contents of <short>...</short> is actually shorter than the contents of <message>...</message>. It doesn’t make the test fail but prints a warning. We’ll need to see if this is actually useful.

Original issue:

Is it possible to remove duplicate warnings?

When I ran the test, I got 7 instances of this warning:

Warning: The content of <short> should be smaller than the content of <message>. Language: English. Rule: SOME_FACULTY[1
  Short: Grammatical problem: missing plural noun
  Long:  Use <suggestion>\2 members</suggestion>.

I’ve removed some of the duplicates, but not all (they are caused by language variants which share a lot of rules, e.g. en-GB also uses the rules from en).