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New default="temp_off" attribute in XML

Hi, you can now use <rule ... default="temp_off"> when you add a new rule. This way, the rule will be turned off for users, but will run with the nightly regression tests. This way, we have a better approach to avoid false alarms, as LT is deployed automatically every day on Of course, you’ll still need to remove the default="temp_off" from the XML once false alarms have been fixed, otherwise your rule will never become active for users.

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Great! This feels like a test status. Will start using it rightaway

Now the nightly regression tests also contain a hint when a rule is temp_off, it looks like this (taken from here):

Line 1, column 86, Rule ID: BUILT_IN_HYPHEN[3] [temp_off]
+Message: It appears that a hyphen is missing.