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New rule[en]

(Mility) #1
  • deleted -

(Mility) #2
<rule id="BAGGAGES" name="baggages(baggage)">

  <token postag='PRP$'></token>
 <example correction=''>I lost my <marker>baggages</marker> in the train.</example>
 <example>I lost my baggage in the train.</example>

(Mility) #3

Reference:Kumar A, Nair S B. An Artificial Immune System Based Approach for English Grammar Checking.[J]. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2007, 4628:348-357.

(Daniel Naber) #4

According to the spell checker, the word "baggages" isn't valid anyway. So this is a case that the spell checker already detects and that we don't need a special rule for.

(Mility) #5

Thank you remind me.