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New User

Hello Everyone, I just added this feature on my computer and I’m in no way tech savvy, but I’m hoping that someone could walk me through the steps on how to use it properly? Thank you

Hello and welcome! Which version of LanguageTool do you use? A browser plugin?

Hi @Jan_Schreiber
I instlled the latest version on Windows 10 64 bit and I do not see it to activate it. Sorry I am not tech savvy and feel tht my laptop seems to have slowed down considerably.
1 - Where do I find it?
2 - How do I activate the desktop version?
3 - How do I uninstall it.
Thank you.

There is no install process. Just make sure you have Java installed, then extract LanguageTool and run it by double-clicking the file languagetool.jar. By default files are usually downloaded to a folder called Download or something similar.
To remove it, just delete the downloaded/extracted files and folders.