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Noun Count Option


Is there any option to count the nouns and/or match with the verb to find the subject-verb disagreements in English.

Sentence: The duration of disease and biochemical variables is not significantly associated with loss of area or thickness of any CC segment.

Sentence: Furthermore, the PM, SMA, and M1 are key players in the frontal-subcortical loop of the motor circuitry and is implicated in the genesis of postural tremor in WD.

I have tried creating rules for find the subject-verb disagreement. Below is the example:

		<token postag="SENT_START"></token>
		<token postag="DT|CC|RB|WRB|VBG|NN:U" postag_regexp="yes" min="0" max="1"></token>
		<token postag="PCT" min="0" max="1"></token>
			<token chunk="B-NP-singular"></token>
			<token chunk="I-NP-singular" min="0" max="3"><exception>and</exception></token>
			<token chunk="E-NP-singular"></token>
			<token chunk="B-PP"></token>
			<token chunk="I-PP" min="0" max="1"></token>
			<token chunk="B-NP-singular" min="0" max="2"></token>
			<token chunk="I-NP-singular" min="0" max="3"></token>
			<token chunk="E-NP-singular" min="0" max="2"></token>
			<token chunk="B-PP"></token>
			<token chunk="I-PP" min="0" max="1"></token>
			<token skip="-1"><exception scope="next" postag="NNS"></exception><exception scope="next" regexp="yes">and|,|;|that|which|:</exception></token>
			<token regexp="yes" chunk="B-VP">are|were|have</token>
		<message>Singular noun should take singular verb. Please consider changing it.</message>
		<short>Subject-Verb Disagreement Error</short>
		<example correction="">Although, the presence of antinutritional such as calcium oxalate <marker>have</marker> been reported to limit their value</example>
		<example>Although, the presence of antinutritional such as calcium oxalate has been reported to limit their value</example>

Any suggestions or ideas will be much appreciated.


Raja Pari