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Optional word forms

In Dutch, it is possible to add an optional hyphen to a word to make it easier to read. This is done a lot where there is no need for it, so I would like to inform the users.
I would not want to remove those words from the spell checker, since it is not a real error.
So what I need is a LT function that accepts a list of:


or something like that.

Would someone be willing to create this for Dutch?

Wouldn’t SimpleReplaceRule work for that? I does not currently support separate message for each word, but that should be doable if really needed.

The essence is in the message. The words are not wrong, but not the ‘desired’ form also.

Well in that rule you can adjust the message. But if you need different message for each case that rule class need to be adjusted a bit more.

Not for each case. But most items of simplereplacerule are spelling errors, while this is different. In most cases, the optional hyphen should be dropped; in other cases it is officially unnecessary, but very common and positive for readability.
But I am giving up on this. Like any other addition that needs programming, since there is no Java programmer for Dutch.