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Order of the suggestions when correcting spanish texts


I’m using version 2.8 of your library, and want to auto-correct text using the first suggestion of the suggestions list as Tools.correctText() method do.
However, I’ve found that the first element in the suggestion list is NOT the most common word to replace it for, leading me to suspect that the spanish dictionary is constructed without word frequencies added?

Could someone confirm this? Also, if frequency information is not included, which would be the procedure to include it?


Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for your interest in LanguageTool.

I confirm that frequency info is not included in the dictionary and I don’t have further information in how to do it, however I foresee a time consuming task on it. Feel free to come up with suggestions on how to do it.


How to add frequency data is documented at - data is available from Mozilla, we use that for other languages, too.