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Other confusion rule question

I added
dab;dan; 1000000; # etc
Nu error, no warning. But also no detection on the site, when testing some examples.
The header states is optional. But is the pipe also?
Should it be
dab|;dan|; 1000000; # etc
In German, there is always a space after the ;. Is that required in this format?

The format you used is fine. Please post 2 or 3 test sentences that should trigger an error but don’t.

Hij is veel groter dab haar.
Hij is veel groter dab verwacht.
Wat verwacht je dab?
Een andere kleur dab zwart.

De jongens doen een dan van vreugde.

Maybe the issue is that the Dutch ngrams were generated on poorly edited sources, and this is a quite common error.
Myabe it is better to generate ngrams from the best sources possible. Unfortunately, there are no free ones of large enough size.

There’s some issue with the automatic deployment of the latest version, i.e. your pair isn’t online yet. I’ll try to fix the issue. If that works, the next cycle (tonight) should be up-to-date again.


I am processing all words that render any other valid word with one letter replaced by typing on a letter besides one. Dan/dab is an example of that. But there are 100000 plus for Dutch.
The pc is checking them all for being a confusion pair. I might still be able to add some results later today.