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Output suggestions on Error

Hi! I am trying to integrate language tool in my website. It works just fine. I followed all the procedures from this link, and potential errors on submitted text will be underlined.

But, how can I output all the suggestions in every error. Just like what we can see in the home page?

This depends on how you integrate LT… basically you just need to interpret the ‘replacements’ attribute of the XML. When you’re following the instructions on our wiki that should happen automatically. If it doesn’t, could you post the link to your site?

Thanks for the reply Sir! I am quite sure that I followed the instructions from your wiki. Here’s the link of my site.

There was a code snippet missing in our Wiki, I have just updated the page. You will need to add this to your page:

     languagetool_i18n_rule_implementation : {
         // "Rule implementation":
         "de-DE": "Implementierung der Regel"

It works! Thank you very much Sir dnaber.