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Possibly interesting international words

The top for Dutch news new words (excluding real Dutch words) for 2020. Maybe some might be interesting to add to the language independent list.
108 Champions
64 Bayern
50 Jumbo-Visma
48 COVID-19
42 Roglic
38 Nations
38 Bottas
37 Djokovic
36 World
34 Primoz
28 TikTok
28 intensive
24 Borussia
24 Albon
22 Garros
20 Atlético
19 Standard
17 Pfizer
17 Antwerp
15 Wilmès
15 Pogacar
15 Lives
15 Inter
15 Alaphilippe
14 Waasland-Beveren
14 Sunweb
14 Carapaz
13 Ricciardo
13 Navalny
13 Internazionale
13 Airlines
12 Tadej
12 Maradona
12 Lukashenko
12 Jambon
11 Stroll
11 Sainz
11 Saint-Germain
11 Midtjylland
11 Finals
11 Australian
10 Sciensano
10 Lachaert
10 Hotspur
10 Fauci
10 Cercle

As far as I know, the Dutch spelling should be Loekasjenko, not Lukashenko.

We should be careful. Many of these words should be multi-word terms. Example: Hotspur probably should be Tottenham Hotspur (a football club).

You are right. That is why I did not any myself.

There are no official translitteration rules for names.

Do you mean that neither the Netherlands nor Belgium uses any rules for transliteration? Then I see no point at all in adding words to a dictionary. When you follow no rules, no check is possible.

There are rules for common words, not for proper names. There is some advice on translitteration, but just advice.

The thing is: Many users are happy if we give them advice, especially if the rules are unclear. We could find a standard reference and say “the common spelling is”. I have looked on, and and I get the impression that “Loekasjenko” and “Poetin” are way more common than “Lukashenko” or “Putin”.