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Premium version for Libre Office?

Hi, I guess that many Libre Office users use LanguageTool since it is the only really good grammar and spelling checker. However, I noticed that the Premium version is not available for LibreOffice/OpenOffice. Any plans to change that? I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Gerald, the LanguageTool LibreOffice add-on works offline, but the Premium version requires Cloud access. Because of that, we can’t easily provide a Premium version for LibreOffice that’s equivalent to the Premium version with Cloud access.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your work and very much enjoy the plus version which works really fine with Wordpress and Gutenberg. By the way, I am from Austria and speak “Österreichisches Deutsch” - I am very familiar with the Austrian dialects in the western part of the country. I read that you were looking for native Austrian speakers - if you still need people, feel free to contact me. I am happy to help.

Thanks. We’re currently not looking for anything specific, but feedback is very welcome. For example, does LT work well for you when you’re writing in a colloquial style (personal emails etc.)? Are Austria-specific words missing from the dictionary?

There are some things :wink:

for example, if I write “na, net wirklich” or “na, ned wirklich” instead of “nein, nicht wirklich”, then Languagetool has some troubles to understand “ned/net”. But that’s not really an issue. I mainly use languagetoolplus for English and texts in Standard German.