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Problem with nightly diff?

Hello @dnaber

Two nightlies ago I created a rule that produced hundreds of false positives in PT.

I fixed the rule yesterday morning, but the nightly diff doesn’t report any changes in the results.

In fact, all languages are said to “no changes”:

Changes 2020-04-16 22:45 to 2020-04-17 22:45
Version: 5.0-SNAPSHOT (2020-04-16 18:47)
Latest Commit: Date: Fri Apr 17 19:32:13 2020 +0200
Not changed: en
Not changed: de
Not changed: fr
Not changed: ru
Not changed: uk
Not changed: ca
Not changed: pl
Not changed: pt-PT
Not changed: pt-BR
Not changed: gl
Not changed: es
Not changed: nl
Not changed: br
Not changed: eo

What happened?


The test cases failed, so the diff is empty.

Was the problem this commit?

What time of day do tests start? I will take care to ensure that there are no errors at this time.


Will tonight’s diff reflect the changes not shown last night?

No, it was caused by one of my commits where a synchronized was missing (causing the test to sometimes fail, sometimes work).

Currently around 20:30 CET. But the better approach is to make sure the tests always work by running them before pushing changes. contains some tips to speed up the tests.

All that is known to me. But unexpected things always happen. In my case, it was a file present in my local files (tests were OK), but not added to GitHub.