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Problems building LT

I am having problems building LT. Initially, it was the widely reported problem of Maven struggling to download all the required artefacts. With perseverance, I am fairly sure that it now has everything it needs, but the project still fails to build.

There has been a variety of reasons listed in the ‘Sure Fire’ reports. For example:

Tests run: 10, Failures: 1, Errors: 9, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 202.766 sec <<< FAILURE! testErrorAtTextBeginning( Time elapsed: 7.797 sec <<< ERROR!....

Tests run: 5, Failures: 0, Errors: 1, Skipped: 1, Time elapsed: 0.015 sec <<< FAILURE!
testEnabledOnlyParameter(org.languagetool.server.HTTPServerTest) Time elapsed: 0 sec <<< ERROR!

Tests run: 3, Failures: 2, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 4.562 sec <<< FAILURE!
testRules(org.languagetool.tagging.disambiguation.rules.en.EnglishRuleDisambiguatorTest) Time elapsed: 2.234 sec <<< FAILURE!

Since the nature of the error changes after each update, I am beginning to think that it is not my inexperience with building java packages, but the developers experimenting with new code. Is this the case, or am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

In either event, can I use any modules that are built prior to the build as a whole failing?


The tests are currently unstable, you can ignore them by adding “-DskipTests”, e.g. “mvn package -DskipTests”.