[pt] bófia, bófias


Could you add the words above to your rule:
rule id=“PROFANITY” name="Profanidade"

Or is there another type of rule for these pejorative words?

PS-> The plural of “bófia” isn’t in the pt_PT speller but I checked on Priberam dictionary and it exists there.


‘Bófia’ and ‘bófias’ are not profanity, and comparing it to other words on that list would probably stir a reaction.
It is a good idea to add a rule for low level language, maybe in the ‘Non formal language’ section.
If you are in a hurry, you can add that example there, but I will add it in due time, with an easier to maintain Java rule, based on the SimpleReplaceRule.
Just be mindful when adding ‘censored words’. This program should be used to improve expression, not to restrict it.