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[pt] Can't find rule in grammar.xml


I can’t find the following rule:

<rulegroup default="on" id="T-V_DISTINCTION" name="Tratamento formal: Tu,Você; Vós,Vocês"><!-- Created by Tiago F. Santos , Portuguese rule, 2016-12-28 -->

Triggered by:

Isso dá-me uma sensação de paz.

Can someone help?


It is in the PT-pt folder’s grammar.xml, not the ‘general’ one. As the first rule in the SPEECH_FORMAL category


Ahhh… found it! Thanks!


java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Xmx4500M -jar languagetool-wikipedia.jar check-data -l pt-PT -r FORMAL_SPEECH -f ptwiki-20121230-pages-articles.xml -f tatoeba-pt.txt --max-sentences 200000 --context-size 100 >before.txt

Also show results from that file?

It doesn’t find the grammar.xml file inside that folder :frowning:

How do I fix it?


I would not know why this is. I never use the wikipedia jar, just the server.

I have found out!: