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[pt] Ellipses (...)

@dnaber @Yakov

In Portuguese, when we write text after the … the word doesn’t necessary need to start uppercase.

Could the LanguageTool settings be default set in PT to cope with that?


Well looking at the analysis in pt language the sentence with … is split into two (that’s why the rule triggers an error). It looks that you want to keep it as one sentence so you’ll need to modify segment.srx file for Portuguese to not break on ellipsis if next letter is not capital.

In common case for Portuguese the “…” sign is handled correctly.
The file has rule for that, but not for all possible cases.
Can you give example Portuguese text with “…” there the word doesn’t necessary need to start uppercase after “…” ?

Here in the grammar book: “Prontuário da Língua Portuguesa”, page 60:
“É que… não sei… é certo fazer isto?..”

It is written there that “…” signals an interruption in the speech and may omit one or more words in the speech… it can also be used “(…)” to cut parts of a speech.

I changed segment.srx for symbol ellipses (…) and for 3 dots:

You can test it.
You can use Ratel for testing and changing segment.srx:

Thanks, Yakov!

I will test it with the nightly build tonight.