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[pt] Help fixing concordance of number


In the following sentences, I get a false positive in the infinitive verb “modelar”:
permitindo modelar pequenos conflitos com apenas alguns cliques, devido a uma centralização das opções de núcleo.
Isto permite modelar grandes conflitos.
Isto permite modelar enormes conflitos.
Isto permite modelar escassos conflitos.
Isto permite modelar diminutos conflitos.
Isto permite modelar reduzidos conflitos.
Isto permite modelar insignificantes conflitos.

The Portuguese rules that triggers it in grammar.xml is:

<rulegroup id='GENERAL_NUMBER_AGREEMENT_ERRORS' name="Concordância de Número: Geral">

I was making some tests with an antipattern but they all failed.

How do I do something like this?:

      <token regexp='yes'>pequenos|escassos|diminutos|reduzidos|insignificantes|grandes|enormes</token>

After I know how to fix it I will replace the words/verb with postags.


Using that antipattern works for me, i.e. I don’t get any errors anymore after having added it. Should I just commit it?

Yes, please commit it @dnaber, then I will know where it will be placed and will be able to replace normal words with postags.

I was testing it with the stand-alone tool but it still triggered the sentences.

Thank you!


Done (


Thank you!

I have added the postags and now it should work with all the infinite verbs followed by plural adjectives.