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[pt] Improve disambiguator

Hello @jaumeortola

Could the disambiguator be improved to detect some nous as verbs?

A informação conseguida para saber preparações para atos de terror específicos eminentes.

“saber” is detected as a noun, and so is “comer”.

Maybe if the disambiguator finds a “para” (CC) it should convert the next noun to a verb?


The disambiguation is improved here:

“Para saber/comer”. Could it be the same for any infinitive/noun after “para”?

By the way, is “para/CC” correct? In the dictionaries, it is only a preposition (SPS000).

Is there a confusion in this word: eminente/iminente?

In the on-line morphological dictionary, it appears as CC/SPS000.

I believe so.

“para/CC” seems an error to me. Can it be removed?

Ahhhh… I have just returned from the store with Coca-Cola.


It is very dangerous to remove “CC” since tons of rules I have created rely on that.