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[pt] Portuguese rule contribution/discussion

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #201

Yes, it is fixed, thanks. But I found another issues with the word “web”:

— Traduzir software/manuais/sítios web;


— Rever/traduzir documentação, textos e o sítio web da universidade.

Is it hard to fix before the official release, or does it require some effort?

Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #202


Sorry for sounding annoying, but if we write “site” in the text it suggests “sítio web” which then flags a concordance error:

Temos os melhores sítios web.
Temos o melhor sítio web.

Could you take a look at it before the official release tomorrow?

Thank you!

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #203



The following sentence doesn’t flag a gender error:

A verdade é que com a problema respiratório o cenário alterou-se.

Is it possible for you to add it to the gender checking part?

This weekend I won’t go to my job since I am ill.

I will try to add some more words to the added.txt.

Thank you!

(Tiago F. Santos) #204

I can’t check this right now, but I will look into it, ASAP.

The remaining, as you might have noticed, was already handled.