[pt] Possible new rule: é -> e

Hello @tiagosantos

I was on Facebook and read the following sentence:
“A minha mãe tem este problema é não estou preparado para o dia em que não me reconheça.”

Could you create a rule that suggests replacing “é” with “e”?


Kind regards,

Hi Marco,

I can not see any rule that could accuretly correct this error, but it will be possible when we create a Portuguese n-gram dataset. Stochastic analysis can effectively identify this issue .
Maybe later this year, this will come to fruition.
Alternatively, if you have a solid verbal rule that can identify this type of error, tell it or point out the URL, and I will try to adapt it to LanguageTool syntax.

I forgot to add.
In 3.6, I have added many confusion pairs that can already be used with little effort.

Several companies already sell Portuguese n-gram datasets that users may wish to buy and use with the already available n-gram pairs. A simple web search will reveal it.

Users, may also create their own n-gram dataset. A useful link: