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[pt] Problem with rule



TESTRULES PT gives an error with this rule I tried to create;

<rule id='SUBSTANTIVO_PLURAL_E_CHAVE' name="Substantivo-chave">
<!--      Created by Marco A.G.Pinto, Portuguese rule 2020-08-23      -->
      <token postag='NC[CFM]P000' postag_regexp='yes'/>
  <message>Utilize a forma composta.</message>
  <example correction="conceitos-chave">Na nossa tese temos vários <marker>conceitos chave</marker>.</example>

What is wrong with it?


@jaumeortola @tiff @dnaber

Any feedback on the rule above?

I believe that maybe the hyphen is seen as a wildcard, maybe I have to escape it, but I don’t know how to do it in a suggestion.

It seems a simple syntax error. Change: /1\1.

Ohhhh… it worked!

I was so stressed yesterday and in the day before that I didn’t notice the syntax error.

Thank you, Jaume.