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[pt] Rule: Certo → Exato

Hello @rjlima

I have implemented this nice rule that suggests replacing “certo” with “exato”:

However, there are many false positives since there isn’t a good way of checking if the nouns are valid.

All I have done was to see the results and try to remove the most common incorrect ones.

See the before and after .txt in the GitHub commit.

Basically, the logic is:

A equação exata.
O modelo exato.

So, I have removed as many words as possible.

The other way would be to only accept valid words, such as “equações”, “modelos”, etc. but I will miss most of them.

Unless you can create a list of these words to use with “exato”, but it must give too much work.

Those cases (and many more like them)

Pois este é o jogo certo para o seu N64!
O Gearbest é o lugar certo, realizamos promoções semanais, como venda em flash ou oferta de pechincha para membros vip, na qua…
Quer rodem para a direita, quer rodem para a esquerda, o automóvel certo está no “Pisca Pisca”.

use ‘certo’ as a word to emphasize something to convince the reader, and, in Brazilian Portuguese, the use of ‘exato’ doesn’t have the same effect, far from it.


“A tabela dá-nos a quantia exata do IVA.”

Is it not good in pt-BR?

I will remove the rule at 5am then.


This is ok. Note that this refers to a quantity, however when we say ‘ela é a pessoa certa para você’, maybe because it is an entity, ‘exata’ does not fit.

I will to add some words to “exato”, but it will take some time.

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What about now?:

Notice the:


The “inflected” means that the words derivate also to gender/plural/singular.

Can you think of any other words we could add here?


My guess is that anything that can be measured is ok to change certo to exato. So? momento, lugar, hora, espaço, etc
But note that even a word like posição might not be able for the change:
Qual é a posição certa para se sentar enquanto trabalha?
Qual é a posição exata para se sentar enquanto trabalha?
The second doesn’t look the same as the first for me, does it for you?

You are right, the second doesn’t look like it.

at 5am I will improve the rule.

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With a bit delay, but here it is: