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[pt] Rule: Pequen[ao]s erros/falhas/gafes/imprecisões

Hello @rjlima

Another rule:

text: <message>Se for um texto académico, pondere melhorar a linguagem.</message>

Basically, if one would write:
“Vamos corrigir pequenos erros/falhas no texto blah blah blah”, it would suggest replacing with “pequenas imprecisões”.

Then the word “gafes” also appeared on my mind and now I am confused and not sure if it should suggest “imprecisões” + “gafes” or if “gafes” should also be in the list of words to detect: “erros/falhas/gafes”.

Academically, what is best?

I need to find the token “pequenos/pequenas” otherwise it will probably give thousands of hits making it an annoying/unhelpful rule.


For Brazilians, ‘gafe’ means a social situation where someone says something incovenient, it does not apply to this case. I like ‘imprecisões’, it is academic and expresses what we want.

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It gives 0 hits in 600 000 sentences:

Only these rules are enabled: [CORRIGIR_ERROS_FALHAS_IMPRECISÕES]
Working on: pt-PT.txt, tatoeba-pt.txt
Sentence limit: 600000
Context size: 100
Error limit: no limit
Skip: 0
Portuguese (Portugal): 0 total matches
Portuguese (Portugal): ø0.00 rule matches per sentence
Portuguese (Portugal): 17323 input lines ignored (e.g. not between 10 and 300 chars or at least 4 tokens)

I also came up with a new idea for the suggestion:

<message>Se for um texto académico/científico, pondere empregar o termo 'imprecisão'.</message>

I liked the message!


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