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[pt] Some (minor) false positives


Hello Tiago,

During the night I was making some improvements to my page:

I noticed that the nightly had two minor false positives (most are real hits which I need to fix in the page).

Here they are:

  1. “Decidi usar os Braceletes para os Pés quando a temperatura aqui fosse mais quente”
    Priberam says that “braceletes” have two kinds:

  2. “Em 3.Fev.2014 a minha “namorada” disse-me o mesmo que a colega do supermercado mencionada anteriormente.”


This is high on my priorities and when I work again on disambiguation I will address verbal and nominal complements first. Unfortunately, I have very little spare time these days and I am mostly commiting the work that I have done in the beginning of the year, a couple of rules at a time.
I hope I will be able to resolve this type of situations before the next release, but I believe this is a long shot.

I will fix 'bracelete" POS later this week.

Thank you for these reports.