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Question regarding JS port

I just read on Heise that LanguageTool will possibly be ported to JS:

Will this just be used to have a LT version that can run without Java or will the .JS files be used to continue development?

I’m wondering whether C++ would be an option, too (using e.g.

The result would be something that’s Javascript but that cannot really be edited. Development will continue to happen in Java.

Converting to C++ looks like a lot of complexity, especially as it happens on the source level. We’d also need to convert (and then compile) the many libraries we use. That doesn’t seem feasible.

Ah, okay.

And could the JS version be used for the LibreOffice extension? Maybe it could even be included by default if it doesn’t depend on Java anymore.

I’m not sure about LibreOffice supporting JS for extensions, it seems you need C++, Java, or Python for this use case (according to