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Question regarding JS port

(alexanderW) #1

I just read on Heise that LanguageTool will possibly be ported to JS:

Will this just be used to have a LT version that can run without Java or will the .JS files be used to continue development?

I’m wondering whether C++ would be an option, too (using e.g.

(Daniel Naber) #2

The result would be something that’s Javascript but that cannot really be edited. Development will continue to happen in Java.

Converting to C++ looks like a lot of complexity, especially as it happens on the source level. We’d also need to convert (and then compile) the many libraries we use. That doesn’t seem feasible.

(alexanderW) #3

Ah, okay.

And could the JS version be used for the LibreOffice extension? Maybe it could even be included by default if it doesn’t depend on Java anymore.

(Daniel Naber) #4

I’m not sure about LibreOffice supporting JS for extensions, it seems you need C++, Java, or Python for this use case (according to