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Re:: Problems detecting when a personal pronoun is linked with a mass noun

did you mean to put the interpunction in a postag, not a token?
Verzonden van smartphone.

“Irvine [via LanguageTool User Forum]” ml-node+s2306527n4641857h53@n4.nabble.comschreef:

I have tried making various variations of the following pattern and test phrase, both on my installation, and with the online rule editor. 

Typical test phrase: “As you make your bed, so you must lie in it.”
Typical pattern:


In this particular situation, LT does not seem to be able to detect when a pronoun is linked with mass noun, (though it seems to recognise adjectives without any problems.) To emphasise, it seems to be something to do with linking the personal pronoun with the mass noun, for example:


Works fine.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance


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Sorry, I am not quite sure what you mean?

If you meant , then yes. When I was testing on the online rule editor, for practical reasons, I was testing the negative hypothesis, and had to tokenise the punctuation. In the real application, I wanted to catch all the hard and soft intermediate punctuation.

It all works, now that I have the correct syntax for PRP/$.