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Reduce Jar Dependencies

Im going to use Grammar Check & Spell Check for Web.

I have used JLanguageTool(new BritishEnglish())
and imported below listed libs.

import org.languagetool.JLanguageTool
import org.languagetool.*
import org.languagetool.language.*
import org.languagetool.rules.RuleMatch

Could anyone help me out in removing non dependent jar files,

  1. cjftransform.jar
  2. commons-cli.jar
  3. hamcrest-core.jar
  4. hppc.jar
  5. hunspell-native-libs.jar
  6. ictclas4j.jar
  7. jna.jar
  8. junit.jar
  9. jwordsplitter.jar
  10. languagetool-core.jar
  11. languagetool-gui-commons.jar
  12. languagetool-properties.jar
  13. languagetool.jar
  14. lucene-gosen-ipadic.jar
  15. morfologik-fsa.jar
  16. morfologik-polish.jar
  17. morfologik-speller.jar
  18. morfologik-stemming.jar
  19. morfologik-tools.jar
  20. opennlp-chunk-models.jar
  21. opennlp-maxent.jar
  22. opennlp-postag-models.jar
  23. opennlp-tokenize-models.jar
  24. opennlp-tools.jar
  25. segment.jar
  26. tika-core.jar

I recommend Maven for dependency resolution. It will automatically include only the JARs you need. For example, the following JARs won’t be needed if you only check English text:


This list is probably not complete, though.