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Regex problem for straight quotes preferred in style guide

We use straight quotes where I work. I’m trying to get this rule to work:

  <token regexp='yes'>(‘|’|“|”|‹‹|››)</token>
 <message>CHC SPM chapter 3, use straight quotes</message>
 <short>Use straight quotes</short>
 <example correction=''>Use straight<marker>’</marker> quotes. Not curly’ quotes.</example>
 <example>These are the 'quotes' to use.</example>

The rule works when I run it here:
But when I try to launch languagetool.jar it throws an error.
I’ve even tried defining my regex quotes using unicode: \u2018|\u2019
Any ideas welcome.

What exactly does the error message say?

Might not be the problem, bu you are using single quote around ‘yes’, and double in for name value e.g.

Correction seems to be empty, and also you seem to suggest a non-straight quot. But that might be the forum trying to be smart as well.

Thank you all for your help. Looking with fresh eyes this morning I noticed I had created an extra close rulegroup ‘’. Now it works perfectly.
@dnaber, the message was basically saying: ‘Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not activate rules’.
Again, thank you all :slight_smile: