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Remove NNP using removed.txt?

I want to remove the reading NNP from lower-case ‘hoopes’. I tried to do that by writing a line in removed tx:

hoopes Hoopes NNP

, but the Tagger Result dialog shows:

hoopes[Hoopes/NNP, </S>,B-NP-singular|E-NP-singular]

Should I be able to remove NNP using removed.txt?

There seems to be some confusion in the code about matching upper/lowercase, because this in removed.txt works:

Hoopes	Hoopes	NNP

Hi @danielnaber, I don’t want to remove NNP from Hoopes, because the initial uppercase version is indeed a proper noun. I want only to remove the lowercase version, which is not a proper noun.

Although I can do what I want by writing a rule in disambiguation.xml, I wondered whether it was also possible using removed.txt.