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Removing support for Lithuanian and Malayalam

I just had a look again at the list of supported languages and then at the usage statistics. A lot of languages are not maintained, but some languages are not maintained and not even used:

  • For Malayalam, my web analytics tool shows there have been 4 checks of Malayalam texts on in November 2016. The last non-technical change to its grammar.xml file was in 2010.
  • For Lithuanian, there have also been 4 checks on in November. There are only 4 rules in its grammar.xml file. That file had its last non-technical modification in 2007.

I will deprecate these languages for the next release (3.6) and remove them in 3.7. Of course, if a maintainer shows up who takes care of one of these languages, this point is moot and the languages will not be removed.

Hii Daniel,
I am interested to maintain the Malaylam Language.
Let me know how to support to keep the Malayalam language alive.

Thanks for your interest in LT. The possible tasks of a maintainer are described at, but it’s basically: write and improve error detection rules and do whatever it takes to make LT work better for your language. This can also be documentation or marketing work (although a language needs good support for marketing to make sense).