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Rule submission

This rule is generated using ruleEditor2. I created this rule when checking English text of Thai students.

<rule id="ID" name="Noun following &quot;who&quot;">     <pattern> <token>who</token> <marker> <token postag='NN'><exception postag='VB'></exception></token> </marker> </pattern> <message>A noun should not follow "who." Try changing to a verb or add a verb-to-be (e.g. <suggestion>who is a <match no="2"/></suggestion>)</message> <example type='incorrect'>A student who <marker>participant</marker> in the program</example> <example type='correct'>A student who is a participant in the program</example> </rule>

Thanks for your contribution! I’ll try to add your rule in the next few days.

Thanks, I’ve added your rule, it will be online tonight on and it will also be part of the snapshots (;O=D).