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Rule submission

(Thai) #1

This rule is generated using ruleEditor2. I created this rule when checking English text of Thai students.

<rule id="ID" name="Noun following &quot;who&quot;">     <pattern> <token>who</token> <marker> <token postag='NN'><exception postag='VB'></exception></token> </marker> </pattern> <message>A noun should not follow "who." Try changing to a verb or add a verb-to-be (e.g. <suggestion>who is a <match no="2"/></suggestion>)</message> <example type='incorrect'>A student who <marker>participant</marker> in the program</example> <example type='correct'>A student who is a participant in the program</example> </rule>

(Daniel Naber) #2

Thanks for your contribution! I’ll try to add your rule in the next few days.

(Daniel Naber) #3

Thanks, I’ve added your rule, it will be online tonight on and it will also be part of the snapshots (;O=D).