Run LT web page on Local PC

I am running LT html file on my local PC. It works great if I use the scripts with the URLs supplied.
I wanted to download the js files and run it Locally for speed, and to try to prevent the Esc key
behavior. I have all the files downloaded and placed in their proper folders. It works, all except
for the tiny_mce.js. If I use the tiny_mce.js as src=“” it works, however if I use it as src=“./online-check/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js”,
it does not work. (It does run faster though with the other local js files).

Also, the tiny_msc.js file I downloaded is one very long long string when I try to edit it. Very hard
to edit or find the “27” Esc key thing.

I would like to see the hotkeys programming brought to the main pages javascript to provide
better access.

Also, this part here has me confused. What’s it for? Maybe that is my problem?
languagetool_rpc_url : “”,

So, is it going to be possible to run this page locally. No server stuff. Just local html and js, css.
It actually does, except for the tiny_mce.js. I have not tried putting all this on my server,
and even if I did, I don’t see an Esc key solution.

I just want to distribute the application with my own app to simply add quick spell checking to it,
so I would prefer to not get involved with server security etc. stuff.

Lastly, I could live with the remote tiny_mce.js if I could override it’s Esc key behavior from the
main html page itself. Any way to do that?


That’s the URL of the LT server to be used. If you want everything locally, then you’ll need to use something like http://localhost:8080/v2/check here and have a server run locally.

For the JS files, you can find the original uncompressed files here: languagetool-website/www/online-check/tiny_mce at master · languagetool-org/languagetool-website · GitHub

Thanks Daniel,

I tried that but it still does not work. for tiny_mce.js unless I use the LT web site reference.
So I guess I will stick with a local HTML using the LT references for all the js/css files.
I think the tiny_mse.js file is dependent on the LT server.

I do wish there was a way to override the Esc key blockage and other hotkeys that I
can see are defined in tiny_msc.js. Or possibly the hotkey definitions could be brought
to the main html page.