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Server-Version does not detect spelling mistakes

Hi @ all,

I am using the language tool as a server on port 8081. I’d activated the “run as server”-option and the “use the same settings for the server”-option in the standalone app.

When I make a request (e.g. http://localhost:8081/?language=en&text=Alsdfjasdf) the server is responsing, but it does not detect the spelling mistake.

Any ideas?

You need to use language code en-US or en-GB to activate spell checking.

Hmmm, but i need the spell checking for german!?!?

Your example used language=en, so I assumed you were interested in English. For German, use de-DE, de-AT, or de-CH.


thank you!!!
I used “de” instead of “de-DE”.
Now everything works fine!