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[SOLVED] How may I find out if downloaded ngrams are working?

I have languagetool installed using this docker yml:

version: "3"

    image: erikvl87/languagetool
    container_name: languagetool
        - 8010:8010  # Using default port from the image
        - langtool_languageModel=/ngrams  # OPTIONAL: Using ngrams data
        - Java_Xms=512m  # OPTIONAL: Setting a minimal Java heap size of 512 mib
        - Java_Xmx=1g  # OPTIONAL: Setting a maximum Java heap size of 1 Gib
        - /root/langtool/ngrams:/ngrams

Inside /root/langtool/ngrams I have a folder called en which has a lot of other stuff in it from the language pack I downloaded.

How may I check this is actually working? The server works excellent from outside with a reverse proxy. I just want to know that my efforts to put in ngrams did not go to waste. Thanks.


Don’t forget to put on the breaks.

as input, you should get

‘breaks’ (interruptions) seems less likely than ‘brakes’ (mechanical device to stop motion).

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Thank you boss, got it working!