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Some problems with office extension

In the office extension of LT arises some problems, which works well for example in the standalone Version. Till now I found three different errors:

  1. A lower first character at the beginning of the sentence isn’t fount (Example: Er lief nach Hause. da saß sie.)
  2. A missing blank between to Sentences isn’t fount (Example: Er lief nach Hause.Da saß sie.)
  3. A very unexpected error arise for a German rule. It finds sentences, which needs a question mark at the end of a sentence instead of a period. (Example: Wie sollte sie es ihm sagen.) The period at the end is marked as expected. Everything works well if you use the right mouse button and choose the question mark as suggestion. A problem arises if you use the F7 (or Tools/LanguageTool/check Text). Than the period isn’t marked and the Question mark is written before the period (Example: Wie sollte sie es ihm sagen?.)