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SPELLING and COMMA error detection for same sentence error --api

I’m running LanguageTool-2.8 on Linux and something odd just happened:

I was running sentences with mispelled and unknown words through languagetool-commandline (on my way to discovering that added.txt does not work for English, but hunspell/ignore.txt should be used) and I suddenly saw a message similar to the following - which I had not been getting all the time I experimented:

Message: Did you forget a comma after a conjunctive/linking adverb?
Suggestion: Also,
…th words like Bitcoin, Bitcoins and bitcoin. Also stochastics and decentralized corrective wav…

I was getting this “Missing Comma” suggestion when Also was misspelled as “Aslo”, but as soon as I used the --api switch it no longer showed up. Languagetool only started reporting the error again when I corrected the spelling of “Also”:

I’m wondering why Languagetool was identifying both the spelling error (“Aslo”) and the missing comma before. Then stopped identifying the missing comma when I enabled --api ?

Only by manually correcting “Aslo” to “Also” did I get it to report the missing comma again.

I used:
$ java -jar languagetool-commandline.jar -l en-US -c utf-8 in.txt

I also don’t see how the missing comma rule could be triggered as long as there’s a typo. Here’s the rule, it needs “also”:

I cannot reproduce the issue either, could you send a short text that allows you to reproduce it?

I also fail to reproduce the issue and if its the expected behavior to only report a missing comma after a correctly spelled “Also”, then everything is working as it should :slight_smile:

I expect making changes to the test text while running various commandline options had given me the wrong impression that “Aslo,” had been reported.