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The LT browser plug-in - causes various problems

The LT browser plug-in - causes various problems on almost every page, either the text moves, or something works badly, or on ALL websites, there are any “translation” on the Internet - it forces me to uninstall this plugin completely. Is there any other, better alternative?

It works for almost everybody else, so we need more information: which browser do you use, which version of the browser, which operating system, which version of the add-on and on which page does this happen? (“almost all” doesn’t really help that much)

Please make sure you’re using add-on version 2.2.0. It is currently being rolled out over the next days. To make sure you have it, uninstall and re-install the add-on (this might remove your local add-on settings, if any).

Hi @nnina084,

we hope that we fixed this issue in version 2.2.0.
Please uninstall and install again and let us know if it worked.

We would be very happy to hear from you.
Thank you!

Kind regards,

On the site - works
But text correction on - does not work

@nnina084 thanks for checking. We will support soon. Let me know if there are other sites with similar issues.

We released another update that now works with
Let me know if there are still problems.