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The quote-pocolypse!

Hi! I just spent a few hours fighting with LibreOffice to get LT working (I ended up turning hunspell off…couldn’t find a lightspel’). I was, of course excited to be using a more indepth service. however (isn’t there always a however?) I have an issue.

I should preface this by saying that i’m a technical noob. I’ve rooted a phone once and failed many other times (I recently broke windows 10 on my laptop!). What I’m wanting is a step by step on how to add my own “rule” to my grammar …list? It’s a personal preference thing. When my character is thinking my character is ‘thinking’ but LT wants my character to be “thinking

It’s a small thing but I’ve no idea how to “fix” it.

thanks for any help in illuminating my utter lack of know how!



Hi Mikaela, this sounds like you simply want to turn off a rule. If you provide a complete example sentence, we can tell you which rule to turn off (in the menu at Tools -> LanguageTool -> Options...).

Thank you,

Your post helped me locate the rule that I accidently turned off for Smart Quotes.