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Timeout after 1 minute

If the data sent by the Application via the browser extension is huge, I believe there is a 1-minute timeout.
Can this timeout be increased.
I am using LT hosted internally in my setup.

Do you get an error by the LT server on the command line? If so, the key in the properties to set the server-side limit is maxCheckTimeMillis.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the prompt repsonse.
The error only comes from the Web plugin, if I use Curl to check the data, the checks are fine.
The issue only comes when I use an application which to me looks like sends the Previous data as well.
You can think this application as a gmail app, which has a lot of replies been sent.
So when I am replying to the latest email, what I think is that the entire content of that email(which consists of previous responses) is sent.
The error comes from the server side.Screenshot 2020-09-11 at 12.10.43 PM

Is that an internal application? If it’s a well-known email client, we could try to improve the detection of quoted text, in order to skip it.

Its SalesForce CRM tool. I do believe that when there is a lot of data which is already there, anything new which I am typing into the block, the entire old data is also checked.
If this can be done, that only the new data is checked, that will be the best solution.

Okay, we’ll have a look. To be sure we’re talking about the same issue, could you attach a screenshot that shows the affected Salesforce page?

The screenshot I posted earlier is from the Salesforce block, where I can compose the email.
When I am composing the email, the same block carries all the past communication which I have had.
Which means that for LT server, the plugin is sending the entire data for checking. If this is huge the timeout occurs.
So if we can only detect the latest data and send that, this will make things so much better.

I understand that, but I’d like to see a larger screenshot so we know where to test on Salesforce.

Here you go.
At this time I got the suggestions but at times it fails with the error that I mentioned earlier.
The block in the screenshot has the previous communication as emails…

Thanks, I’ve forwarded that to our developers. Do you know whether this only happens if you forward a message or also when you reply to it?

Maybe a configurable ‘check up to here’ ? But then, some mail systems append at tge end, trying to keep it readable top to bottom. In that case, it should be ‘check from here’.