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Two-pass writing in Swedish (Särskrivning) Post rules here?

Two-pass writing in Swedish (Särskrivning)

In the Swedish language you often write 2 words into one, to create a new different word.
Many young people often make mistakes and write it in 2 words, and not one, which makes the wrong sense of what they are writing.

One exemple in Swedish:
You want to write the word nurse.
The correct Swedish word is: sjuksyster
But a lot of people write it wrong, and write 2 words: sjuk syster, and that means a sick sister!

My question: Can I publish a list here with a large number of rules with the most common Swedish “Two-pass” words and with correct suggestions, so that can be published to the Swedish dictionary online for Chrome?

Then it will be a very good tool for all Swedish students who use Chromebooks in schools.

An example of the rule I created from the Rule editor:

<!-- Swedish rule, 2017-08-25 -->
<rule id="SRSKRIVNING" name="Särskrivning">
 <message>Skriv ihop: <suggestion>sjuksyster</suggestion></message>
 <example correction=''><marker>sjuk syster</marker></example>

Best regards
Per Klasson
ICT Manager/ Verksamhetsutvecklare / IT
Utbildningsförvaltningen Gymnasieskolorna
Växjö kommun

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Hi Per,

Dutch and German have similar issues, so we have a special approach for that. Just add all your words to a file like this:


Can you use hyphens, i.e. would sjuk-syster also be okay? If not, just use sjuk-syster+, it will tell the system that sjuk syster is incorrect and that sjuksyster should be suggested instead. Without the +, sjuk-syster would also be suggested.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by that. If we get a list of words from you as described above, anybody using LanguageTool (on the website or via add-on) will get those checks.


I ask my colleagues to help me with a list with words and put it up here!

Good to here that everybody get the tools!



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You have to be careful though to not create too much ‘false positives’. ‘sick sister’ is not wrong, and if it occurs too much, it might be wise not to have a suggestion to correct it.
If it would help, I could help you with example sentences for both cases. You could also check out what Google comes with for “sick sister” and “sicksister”.

Have fun|!

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