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Unable recognize my own rules in different environments

When I added the garmmar.xml file in the ‘/rules/en/’ , the test does not hit the new rule added. I don’t know what to do with this situation. However, the same set of codes can be run locally, it won’t run on the ubuntu server. This is very strange. Could you give me some solutions and opinions?


Have you restarted LT after modifying the file? What is the exact path where you put the file?

Thank you for your reply. I don’t understand what is restarting LT. Should I need to restart the server,or another method? I put grammar.xml under ./rule/en/ path.

Restarting means stopping and starting the server, if that’s what you use. The rule file must be at org/languagetool/rules/en/grammar.xml.

Forgive me for not quite understanding what step is the restart. Can you tell me in detail how to restart the service, such as some steps?
I feel that I am a bit stupid, extremely grateful!

How do you use LT? Do you run the stand-alone version? Do you run the server? How exactly do you call LT?