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Unable to save remote server URL

Unfortunately, I am unable to permanently save a LanguageTool remote server URL within my browser add-on (Firefox / Chrome).

As shown below, the server can properly be reached:

Directly after entering a saving the URL to my add-on it tells me that the configuration has successfully been saved:

But, after reloading th page, the configuration setting seems to be lost again:

Please let me know what I am doing wrong. (limited to plus account? wrong URL syntax?)
Your help and support is greatly appreciated!

It seems the port :8081 is missing from the URL: (it shouldn’t be lost anyway…)

Thank you for pointing that out. The following behavior can be observed:

  1. I just changed to URL to: including the port number :8081
  2. The GUI still shows the same behavior: After saving the configuration and reloading the LT-settings, the remote server option is still selected but the URL seems to be lost


  1. A network trace shows that my remote server is used for spell checking. As soon as I start typing, TCP 8081 packets are sent to the remote server located within my network and the spell check is properly executed!
  2. So, it just seems to be related to the add-on’s graphical interface.

Thank you for helping me out. If there’s anything I can contribute, just let me know! :partying_face:

Thanks for the analysis, I have forwarded this to our developers.