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Volunteer position: Community Manager

The LanguageTool project is looking for a volunteer who supports the project as a Community Manager. This task can be brought forward with as little as one or two hours per week (but we’re happy if you can spend more time, of course).

The community manager’s task is to help the project have: More, happier, engaged users.

We’ve taken that definition from Dave Neary who also wrote another great article about community management.

However, you are free to decide what you do: you could blog, improve our website, or support users on the forum. As LanguageTool is completely free we have no revenue and can’t pay you money but you get the chance to be part of the team that develops the world’s most powerful Open Source style and grammar checker. Also, Community Manager is an established job now and if you want a career in community management, this is the perfect preparation.

You won’t start from zero: LanguageTool has more than 10,000 visits to its homepage per day. Would you like to take this job? Then please contact LanguageTool maintainer Daniel Naber (daniel.naber at languagetool org) with a short introduction of yourself or just reply here.