Weird LT connection location shown in network monitor?

Good day,

My network monitor shows that the MacOs LT app connects to Tehran.
Can you please explain?

Thanks and kind regards.

Could you please send a screenshot?

What is the actual request, i.e. the URL and what’s the target IP?

Both and are servers in Germany. You can check that with tracepath:

 1?: [LOCALHOST]                      pmtu 1492
 1:  speedport.ip                                          3.053ms 
 1:  speedport.ip                                          6.167ms 
 2:                         3.685ms 
 3:  n-ea9-i.N.DE.NET.DTAG.DE                             15.592ms 
 4:                                       13.382ms 
 5:                              20.773ms 
 6:                      18.334ms 
 7:                       36.094ms 
 8:  no reply
 9:                                16.112ms 
10:         20.122ms reached

Your network tool might be using incorrect/outdated IP-to-country mappings.

Ok, thank you.